Caleb Wood | Lead Creative Technologist

A lead creative technologist with extensive commercial and technical experience and education. My commercial skills include liasing with clients from inception to completion, as well as the ability to communicate concepts and strategies effectively between technical and creative/editorial teams. This has led me to become a strong team worker, comfortable in both large and small development groups as well as having the ability to work on individual projects with a passion for creative development and experimentation

Festive Fiends | Phantom

Leveraging Stable Diffusion and WebGL, we built Festive Fiends for the holiday period. Users could shake their device to discover a wide variety of characters and share them. For this project I built python scripts to run through the thousands of SD generated images to reject those that were offscreen, cut them out from the background, place them optimally and generate depthmaps. I also supported React development

Tech : Stable Diffusion, React, Python, Adobe CS

Oriscreen | Phantom

The Oriscreen product is an eInk based on-street sign designed for high battery efficiency. I designed and built the sensor hardware around a Raspberry Pi and pollution monitoring cluster for the original prototype, as well as a second prototype based around the more efficient ESP32-S2 microcontroller

Tech : Arduino IDE, Hardware Design, Hardware Prototyping

Doja Cat | Phantom

I developed the first Doja Cat promotional site for Sony Music using Angular, which proved to have one of the highest levels of engagement of any Sony artist site at the time. After the preliminary site, I was involved in further builds including concepting, art direction, development support and asset production

Tech : Angular, Adobe CS, Sony CMS

BlaBlaBot | GTB

A digital assistant designed to take over conversations in unnecessary meetings, BlaBlaBot used a Raspberry Pi and Voice Hat to respond to discussions in calls with generic responses that are often heard: 'I'll check with the team and get back to you', 'Let's put a pin in that', etc

Tech : Hardware Design, Product Design, 3D Printing, Python

Lightspace 320 | Tekuchi

To handle the substantial number of addressable LEDs required for showing interactive lighting in large apartment development models, I designed and prototyped a rack-mounted hardware system and an optimised network syntax to allow chaining addressable LED strings. This allowed brightness levels, fades, and colour setting if the string used RGB LEDs

Tech : Adobe Flash, Adobe Air, Arduino IDE, Hardware Prototyping, Serial Networking

.seance(eight::analysis) | Sonorities Installation

Using a bluetooth brainwave reader and my own custom logging software written using processing, my 8 channel audio installation exploring the sonorisation of brain activity when falling asleep was presented at the Sonorities festival in Belfast in 2016

Tech : Arduino IDE, Processing IDE, Audio Composition